Health and Well-being of Professional Education in Health Information Management (Resolution)

Background Information

  • AHIMA has, since its inception, recognized the importance of education in fostering the profession.
  • Throughout its history, AHIMA's educational programs have continually faced a core set of challenges in sustaining program viability.
  • Trends affecting HIM programs and higher education in general are more critical today than ever before
  • Data collected suggests that many HIT and HIA programs are at risk in terms of both their short- and long-term survival.
  • One of the most critical issues facing AHIMA and the profession is the lack of growth of four-year programs.

Strategic issues, which we believe need prioritization:

  • Education and curriculum reform to broaden access by diversifying learning opportunities and creating learning environments that equip students with new professional competencies and the skills to support lifelong learning.
  • Amplify national marketing focus on future roles, career ladders, and progressive educational levels in the context of the emerging field of Informatics in an effort to increase enrollment.
  • Increase research productivity.
  • Increase growth at baccalaureate and master's levels.
  • Drive transformation to new professional competencies through integrated efforts of accreditation, certification, re-certification, and professional development.


Topic: Health and Well-being of Professional Education in Health Information Management

Intent: Strong partnerships between CSAs, HIM educational programs, and AHIMA must be enhanced with regard to marketing and recruitment so that adequately prepared student applicant pools are attracted to these existing programs. New program development evolves from "grass-roots" involvement and should focus on expanding programs at the baccalaureate and master's degree levels in doctoral granting and research institutions.

Addressed to: AHIMA House of Delegates

Originator: Washington State Health Information Management Association

Approved by: 2000 House of Delegates

Date: September 24, 2000

Whereas, we recognize the outstanding work in the white paper "Health and Well-being of Professional Education in Health Information Management" prepared by the Joint Committee on Education.

Whereas, we recognize the importance of the action steps in each of the strategic issue areas presented in the white paper and believe that action is needed sooner rather than later.

Whereas, we believe that prioritization needs to be given to strategic issue #2, which emphasizes recruitment of students and marketing of our profession to prospective employers, students, and others.

Whereas, we also believe that priority for growing HIM programs should be focused on baccalaureate and master's degree level programs.

Whereas, AHIMA currently provides resources and tools for recruitment and many CSAs provide resources and assistance to the HIM educational programs in their regions, there continues to be a need for a strong partnership between the CSAs, the HIM educational programs, and AHIMA in marketing and recruitment activities.

Resolved, that AHIMA partner with HIM educational programs and CSAs to develop a strong recruitment campaign to attract adequately prepared student applicant pools using the resources and tools that emanate from AHIMA's image marketing.

Resolved, that AHIMA will incorporate this issue as part of its strategic planning.

Resolved, that AHIMA will report on a regular basis to Team Talks and to future Houses of Delegates progress on this issue, until the full intent of this resolution is accomplished.

Article Citation:

"Health and Well-being of Professional Education in Health Information Management." Journal of AHIMA 72, no. 1 (2001), insert before p.77.