Final Rule for Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information


  1. Readers will notice that some word such as "healthcare" may be written in more than one way in this analysis. Style guides often require the term "healthcare" be stated as such, however, the federal government uses the term as "health care." In this document we will be using the term "healthcare" both ways. It will be two words within quotes from the Rule, and one word in all other situations. There are a few other situations, such as state vs.State, that the reader might also notice.

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  3. All references to parts of this rule or any other material included in the Federal Register, in this analysis, will use the typical reference 65FR, meaning volume 65 of the Federal Register, and then the page. Specific referenced to a CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) section will include the section number and the page in the FR.

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  7. "Small Health Plans" have been previously defined in the Transactions and Code Sets Rule as plans having $5 million or less in annual receipts.

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  9. NPRM-Notice of Proposed Rule Making-in this case the NPRM for the Rule was November 3, 1999.

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  11. Transactions as defined here include: Healthcare claims or equivalent encounter information; healthcare payment and remittance advice; coordination of benefits; healthcare claim status; enrollment and disenrollment in a health plan; eligibility for a health plan; health plan premium payments; referral certification and authorization; first report of injury; health claims attachments; and other transactions that the Secretary may prescribe under HIPAA by regulation.

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