Access: the Missing HIM Practice Element (Resolution)

Resolution from the 1997 House of Delegates


Topic:Access: The Missing HIM Practice Element
Intent:Adopt the critical information triad of Quality, Access, Security as a unifying theme of AHIMA; promote HIM leader- ship in creating, disseminating and using clinical databases
Addressed to:HIM professionals
Originator:Colorado Delegation to the 1997 AHIMA House of Delegates
Approved by:1997 House of Delegates
Date:October 19, 1997

Whereas, managing health information requires equal attention to the three elements of quality, access, and security;

Whereas, AHIMA has long been identified with quality and security, but not access;

Whereas, managing health information in an electronic environment will require expansion of scope beyond the profession's traditional maintenance and security functions to encompass the full process continuum of originating, populating, maintaining, securing and using clinical databases;

Whereas, AHIMA acknowledges both significant risks and benefits in providing access to health information; Whereas, AHIMA intends to maintain a leadership role in managing health information;

Whereas, leadership in managing health information in an electronic environment will require allowing traditional conservative positions to evolve in favor of the balancing of risks; therefore, be it

Resolved, That AHIMA adopt the critical information triad—Quality, Access, Security—as a unifying theme, giving equal weight to each element in the management of health information.

Resolved, That AHIMA embark on an access campaign parallel to its ongoing quality and security campaigns to encourage its membership to take leadership roles promoting the creation and use of clinical databases, maximizing utility of available technology, and encouraging the balancing of risks in the interest of furthering the nation's health.

Article Citation:
"Access: The Missing HIM Practice Element" (Resolution from the 1997 AHIMA House of Delegates). Journal of AHIMA 69, no. 1 (1998): insert before p.49.