Bringing Vision 2006 into Focus: Strategic Options for Education, Certification, and Professional Development (Resolution)

Resolution from the 1997 House of Delegates


In 1996, AHIMA's House of Delegates adopted Vision 2006 as its strategy for moving the health information management profession into the future:

"Resolved, That the American Health Information Management Association and its component organizations and members adopt Vision 2006 in order to ensure that the HIM profession continues to play a key role in ensuring quality healthcare through quality information."

On the strength of this resolution, and because "vision without action is merely a dream,"1 AHIMA's 1997 Board of Directors has designed and built the foundation for strategic change. The Board has refined the goals of Vision 2006 and developed guiding principles reflecting our values. The Board also has brought the Association's directional strategies including its mission, vision, and the health information management professional definition into alignment with Vision 2006. The Board has studied emerging HIM roles and has sought external confirmation of the soundness of Vision 2006.

Strategy options have been developed to identify ways in which to advance HIM education, certification, and professional development. Association services, functions, and organizational structures are being analyzed for their capacity to meet the requirements of the next century. All programs and processes are being evaluated in light of how they contribute to meeting the following goals of Vision 2006:

  • HIM is recognized as a profession with a unique domain and defined knowledge and skill set
  • HIM practice is well grounded with standards of practice supported by applied research
  • Career paths are clearly defined and accessible to members who engage in lifelong learning
  • AHIMA credentials greatly help HIM professionals secure jobs and advance in their careers
  • Members in diverse roles cite AHIMA and its component organizations as their chief sources of highly valued professional information and research
  • AHIMA influences policy, regulation, and standards affecting healthcare information

Throughout the year, AHIMA's Board has encouraged members to assess their skills and personal and professional goals. Through Team Talks and the House of Delegates, Association leaders have discussed and refined strategy options. Success depends on the AHIMA community embracing change and agreeing to act together.


Topic: Bringing Vision 2006 into Focus: Strategic Options for Education, Certification, and Professional Development
Intent: Underscore the AHIMA's commitment to make Vision 2006 a reality
Addressed to: All members of AHIMA and its component state associations and specialty groups
Originator: AHIMA Board of Directors
Approved by: 1997 House of Delegates
Date: October 19, 1997

Whereas, study of the rapidly changing environments of healthcare and health information management reveals the demand for new and emerging HIM roles;

Whereas, analysis also reveals that credentials and professional development programs are out of synch with the profession's transition to the HIM model;

Whereas, credentials granted by AHIMA must be value-added to the healthcare industry and be of benefit to members in securing jobs and job advancement;

Whereas, each member must become a lifelong learner and take personal ownership for career advancement; Whereas, AHIMA must be a highly valued source for facilitating members' learning and professional growth;

Whereas, the need for thoughtful but expeditious action regarding professional education and certification is needed so that tomorrow's HIM professionals are well prepared for new challenges; therefore, be it

Resolved, That AHIMA and its component organizations actively and constructively debate strategic options for education, certification, and professional development and prepare to take formal action on proposals at the 1998 House of Delegates.


1Barker, Joel Arthur. The Power of Vision: Discovering the Future Series. Charthouse International, 1990. Videocassette.
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"Bringing Vision 2006 into Focus: Strategic Options for Education, Certification, and Professional Development" (Resolution from the 1997 House of Delegates) Journal of AHIMA 69, no. 1 (1998): insert before p.49.