Information Governance 101

Healthcare information a critical resource that must be understood and utilized appropriately in order to provide safe, effective, and high-quality care. The fact-based decision making that is so vital to the continued success of organizations today is dependent upon the availability of information that is trustworthy and actionable. Ensuring the integrity of healthcare information is a vital element in care delivery—health information must be accurate, timely, relevant, valid, and complete.

Journal of AHIMA is running a six-part web series throughout the month of December that explores the topic of information governance programs and seeks to define the terms associated with information governance.

Watch this page for updates as each installment is published throughout the month.

Part 1: IG 101: What is Information Governance?

Part 2: IG 101: Information Governance is Needed Now

Part 3: IG 101: Enterprise Information Governance

Part 4: IG 101: Information Asset Management

Part 5: IG 101: Developing Clinical Business Intelligence

Part 6: IG 101: The Role of HIM Professionals

Original source:
Warner, Diana. "Information Governance 101" (Journal of AHIMA), December 2013.