AHIMA Articles of Incorporation

State of Illinois
Office of the Secretary of State

Whereas, Articles of Incorporation duly signed and verified of the American Health Information Management Association have been filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on the 25th day of February 1953 as provided by the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of Illinois, approved July 17, 1943, in force January 1, 1944.

Now therefore, Edward J. Barrett, Secretary of State of the State of Illinois by virtue of the powers vested in me by law do hereby issue this Certificate of Incorporation and attach thereto a copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the aforesaid corporation.

We the undersigned, being natural persons of the age of twenty one years or more and citizens of the United States, for the purpose of forming a corporation under the General Not For Profit Corporation Act of Illinois, do hereby adopt the following Articles of Incorporation:

  1. The name of the corporation: American Health Information Management Association.
  2. The period of duration of the corporation is: Perpetual.
  3. The address of its initial Registered Office in the State of Illinois is: 510 North Dearborn Street in the City of Chicago, zone 10, County of Cook and the name of the initial Registered Agent is Doris Gleason.
  4. The first Board of Directors shall be 9 in number, their names and addresses being as followed: on file at AHIMA.
  5. The purpose or purposes for which the Corporation is organized are: The purpose of AHIMA is to commit to excellence in the management of health information for the benefit of patients and providers.

Original filing 2/25/1953
Amended 1/19/65
Amended 1/16/70
Amended 3/8/79
Amended 12/17/91