Sample Position Description: Clinical Relationship Manager

POSITION: Clinical Relationship Manager


The Clinical Relationship Manager will be responsible to assist the organization to develop relationships with providers and their practices in order to successfully implement HIT technology and meet the requirements of the REC. The guidelines for the implementations are likely to have a short turn around time. The Clinical Relationship Manager will work closely with the practices, the Implementation and Optimization Organizations (IOOs), the vendors and our organization staff and consultants and should be comfortable working on site in a medical practice setting.


A successful candidate will perform the following responsibilities:  

  • In collaboration with the Director of Health Care Technologies, the Director of our organization and Program Director, serve as clinical relations and project consultant and primary point of contact between our HIE and the clinical settings.
  • Manage relationship with physicians, hospitals and health care support staff with an assigned territory.
  • Maintain best-in-class working relationships with the provider community.
  • Maintain best-in-class provider satisfaction and service as determined by surveys, benchmarking data and goals.
  • Provide on-site education and issue resolution for all implementations.
  • Supply information and analysis to providers to assist the provider community in improving the quality, expense and utilization of HIT.
  • Collaborate with the PMO to develop and implement training and communications tools to assist the provider community in delivering high quality cost-effective care.
  • Work cooperatively with teammates to share information, leverage common ideas, needs, and issues, at the REC level.
  • Serve as a resource for providers to answer questions, keep them informed about policies and procedures related to HIT. Maintain visibility in the Provider community.
  • Integrate into the clinical practices to understand their goals, issues, operations, organization and identify how to better leverage REC services and to understand the roles and responsibilities of the REC
  • Prepare and distribute informational materials and communications necessary for the development of provider relationships with our organization and collaborative partners, provide information update and facilitate the practice information process.
  • Direct, mentor and develop the practice, Implementation and Optimization Organizations (IOOs) and vendor relationships to ensure success of technology implementations.
  • Partner with IOOs to:
    • Ensure applicable services are always focused on user goals and benefits
    • Provide constructive feedback for service improvements and develop corrective action plans.
    • Ensure that resources are providing the best of breed services to users.
  • Monitor EHR implementations for accuracy and timeliness and ensure that necessary tasks are planned and carried out to assure the focus on successfully achieving the practice goals and associated benefits.
  • Inform our leadership teams about opportunities to grow and improve REC services as needed.
  • Serve as an educational resource to practices about new and emerging technologies.  Help them identify opportunities to apply technology to better support current and future business imperatives.


Our candidate of choice will have a Bachelors degree from an accredited college or university in a health care related field or public administration, marketing or business administration.  You will have more than five years of progressive work experience in and ambulatory health care setting, physician practice, EHR vendor, health plan or other health care setting.  Your proven track record in sales and consulting in a health care setting along with responsibility for project management and change management will be keys to your success.   To qualify, you must have access to personal transportation and be willing to travel throughout the state, work remotely and attend meeting at the offices regularly.        

Your ability to prepare detailed technical and project reports along with your strong quantitative and analytical skills while understanding complex practice issues related to workflow, practice management and technology in a physician practice setting will be critical success factors    You will need strong interpersonal skills, as well as strong verbal and written communication and presentation skills as you will be required to make presentations to physicians and their staffs.  Your success in managing multiple projects effectively in a clinical setting while facilitating group success in a newly formed division of MTC will be important in this role.  Your computer proficiency and knowledge of EHR implementation process with be essential to accomplish your day-to-day task successfully.  

Sample Position Description: Clinical Relationship Manager