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Making the Call for Patient Experience: Using Health IT to Address Gaps in Patient Data-Sharing, Communication, and Interoperability

Author: Labow, Kim

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: August 2016

..nology at the forefront. Consumer s expect technology and t.. changes have also led Consumer s to expect 24/7 accessib.. .. Consumer Experience Improvement i.. ..always-on world of savvy Consumer s, one great customer exp.. ..r experience and patient Engagement while at the same time b..

Can Data Save a Life?

Author: James, Wendy

Source: Journal of AHIMA - website

Publication Date: June 15, 2016 been advancing in the Health care industry. Suppose so.. .. to you just had a major Health event and has been admit.. ..ted to the hospital. As Health information management p.. ..ho are not familiar with Health care, I get concerned bec.. .. So how can our Health information actually sav..

Personal Health Records: Beneficial or Burdensome for Patients and Healthcare Providers?

Author: Lester, Melissa; Boateng, Samuel; Studeny, Jana; Coustasse, Alberto

Source: Perspectives in Health Information Management

Publication Date: April 2016

..Transformative Tools for Consumer -centric Care.” BM.. ..r the average healthcare Consumer . Patients could potentia.. ..Transformative Tools for Consumer -centric Care.” BM.. ..tudies regarding patient Engagement in utilization of PHRs b.. ..ent education and active Engagement in the use of PHRs is es..

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