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Achieving Coding Consistency

Author: Dimick, Chris

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: July 2010

..ication, monitoring, and Coding reviews help reach that .. ..l, HIM experts say. Coding manager Julie Bajer rece.. ..ers on her team the same Coding question-and got six dif.. ..e answers was correct. Coding professionals know that .. ..the act of Coding is not black and white-t..

Adapting Enterprise Workflow for ICD-10-CM/PCS

Author: Clark, Jill S

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: June 2013

.. Coding .. ..nd/or procedure capture, Coding , billing, and data trans.. .. Coding .. ..ndards for ICD-10-CM/PCS Coding to include quality, prod.. ..tion plan, define a dual- Coding plan, and contribute to .. ..the computer-assisted Coding (CAC) implementation pro..

Add Another "C" to Your CDI Program: Why "CDCITM (Clinical Documentation and Coding Integrity) is a Best Practice Model

Author: Kruse, Marion G.; Newell, Shannon K

Source: AHIMA Convention

Publication Date: September 25, 2010

..inical Documentation and Coding Integrity™ (CDCI™) progr.. ..that ensure the needs of Coding , quality, utilization re.. ..inical Documentation and Coding Integrity (CDCI™) Progra.. ..s with the retrospective Coding process. A uniform query.. ..nimal involvement of the Coding staff. Coding staff a..

Adoption of ICD-10

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA Talking Points

Publication Date: November 01, 2003

AHIMA has developed Talking Points on the issue of adoption of ICD-10 for use in helping members and staff communicate key messages on issues of importance to the field of health information management. We encourage you to use these documents when preparing a group presentation, writing a....

Affordable Care Act and POAs

Author: AHIMA Staff

Source: CodeWrite | AHIMA newsletter article

Publication Date: November 2011

Present on admission (POA) indicators were developed to meet requirements of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA). Section 5001(c) of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 requires hospitals to report the secondary diagnoses that are present on admission of patients effective for discharges on o....

After Automated Coding, What?


Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: July 1999

.. "After automated Coding , what?" Com.. ..e coder will evolve from Coding and abstracting health .. ..ccuracy of clinical Coding monitoring comp.. .. "After Automated Coding , What?" Journal of.. ..d expertise in using the Classification systems that are r..

AHIMA Advantage E-alert [Special edition]

Author: AHIMA

Source: AHIMA newsletter

Publication Date: February 13, 2003

HHS to Release Final HIPAA Security Rule February 20; HIPAA Transaction and Code Set Standards Modifications Announced

AHIMA Advocates for Physician Query Forms

Author: Rode, Dan

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: May 2001 recent years with the Coding process behind some orga.. ..nizations' Coding of pneumonia. Unfortun.. ..ed physicians to approve Coding to a higher level. .. ..ical record. AHIMA's Coding policy and strategy co.. ..ical record and accurate Coding for their institutions" ..

AHIMA Code of Ethics

Author: AHIMA House of Delegates

Source: AHIMA

Publication Date: July 01, 2004

..acy and confidentiality, Coding compliance, and other is.. ..sician documentation Coding when documentation does .. ..hat have been billed Coding an inappropriate level o.. ..f service Mis Coding to avoid conflict with o.. .. Engaging in negligent Coding practices Hiding or ..

AHIMA Comments: Medicare Program; Proposed Changes to the Hospital Outpatient Prospective Payment System and Calendar Year 2011 Payment Rates; Proposed Rule

Author: Bowman, Sue E

Source: AHIMA testimony and comments

Publication Date: August 19, 2010

..Consistency in medical Coding and the use of medical c.. ..oversee correct Coding rules associated with th.. ..icipates in a variety of Coding usage and standardizatio.. .. Coding Clinic for ICD-9-CM and .. .. Coding Clinic for HCPCS... ..spital-specific internal Coding guidelines is ..

AHIMA Comments on CMS' Proposal for Reporting of ICD-10-PCS Codes in Place of ICD-9-CM Procedure Codes on the OASIS Data Set for Home Health Care

Author: Bowman, Sue E; St. Pierre, Mary

Source: AHIMA testimony and comments | AHIMA Advocacy and Policy

Publication Date: February 03, 2010

..clinical details for Coding purposes. Lack of access.. .. training and 4 hours of Coding practice. A coder who ne.. .. Coding practice. This training .. .. Coding skills after ICD-10-CM/P.. ..Director, Coding Policy and Compliance Vi..

AHIMA comments on CMS' proposed changes to the Medicare Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payments Systems

Author: Bowman, Sue E

Source: AHIMA testimony and comments

Publication Date: June 11, 2012 certifications in the Coding of health records by app.. ..A‟s standard for ethical Coding . This response to the M.. ..rt to promote consistent Coding practices, AHIMA serves .. .. Parties oversee correct Coding rules associated with th.. ..MS-DRG Documentation and Coding Adjustment, Including th..

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