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New Focus on Process and Measure: Raising Data Quality with a Standard Coding Workflow and Benchmarks

Author: Wilson, Donna D; Hampton-Bagshaw, Kim; Jorwic, Therese M; Bishop, Jean; Giustina, Elizabeth

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: March 2008

.. Establishing a standard Coding workflow that incorporat.. ..tion related to clinical Coding performance and work pro.. ..matics tools to make the Coding process more reliable an.. .. 2007 to re-engineer the Coding workflow and performance.. ..better way to accomplish Coding ’s ultimate goal&md..

Revisiting Unrelated Surgical Procedures (MS-DRGs 981-989)

Author: Wilson, Donna D

Source: CodeWrite

Publication Date: February 2016

..he new year by revamping Coding compliance plans to incl.. ..MS-DRGs due to incorrect Coding of the principal procedu.. ..he hospital-specific HIM Coding compliance plan... ..elated to the ICD-10-PCS Coding of routine/non-operative.. ..ep up their own internal Coding compliance monitoring pl..

Can You Manage Managed Care?

Author: Willner, Sue

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: July 2001

.. health care) and the Coding systems upon which they .. DRGs and the accurate Coding of procedures .. ..ices is key to APCs, the Coding of chronic conditions .. ..r knowledge of Coding and reimbursement system.. .. a risk adjustment Classification system that requires MCO..

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