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Hospice Coding Left Out?

Author: Zastoupil, Shawna

Source: AHIMA newsletter article | CodeWrite

Publication Date: October 2016

..rting their journey into Coding compliance. Before the f.. ..hich addressed diagnosis Coding clarification, hospices .. ..ions regarding diagnosis Coding for hospices. New federa.. ..clarification of hospice Coding . However, many hospice c.. .. Hospice Coding professionals have ..

Coding for Renal Failure

Author: Zarick, Andrew Jr.

Source: AHIMA Convention

Publication Date: October 10, 2007

..5.6) is an MCC. When Coding renal failure, it is imp.. .. Brown, Faye. “ICD-9-CM Coding Handbook 2007.” AHA pres.. ..ce : Zarick, Andrew Jr. " Coding for Renal Failure." 2007..

Sorting Out the Inpatient Rehabilitation PPS

Author: Youmans, Karen

Source: Journal of AHIMA - Coding Notes

Publication Date: January 2001

..mple but will permit the Coding of all MDS-PAC fields, t.. ..aren Youmans is an AHIMA Coding practice manager. She ca.. .. (AMRPA), "The only Classification system that has been pro.. ..announced plans to use a Classification system based upon FRGs. .. too broad. However, a Classification system has to balance ac..

HIM Spin on the Revenue Cycle

Author: Youmans, Karen

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: March 2004

..d usually administer the Coding accuracy reviews. Inf.. ..proved documentation and Coding The RCM Team .. ..cle Coding Ph.. .. Internal and external Coding accuracy audits .. ..rts Coding accuracy and consistency..

How to Win the Outpatient Data Quality Challenge

Author: Yoder, M. Jeanne

Source: AHIMA Convention

Publication Date: September 23, 2002

..Procedural Coding Systems (HCPCS) data col.. .. from the pre-outpatient Coding days is the “count” and .. productivity prior to Coding . A “count” visit involve.. ..e-day surgeries based on Coding as of August 1, 2002. In.. ..patient Coding will continue to be a ..

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