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Evolving Roles in Clinical Documentation Improvement: Physician Practice Opportunities

Author: Barnette, Erin; Endicott, Melanie; Ericson, Cheryl E; Wieczorek, Michelle M.

Source: AHIMA practice brief | Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: May 2017

In order to effectively discuss clinical documentation improvement (CDI) opportunities in physician practices, it is important to first understand the drivers and goals of a physician practice CDI program. Historically, diagnosis codes have had little impact in regard to physician practice paym....

How Small Organizations Handle HIPAA Compliance

Author: Primeau, Debra

Source: Journal of AHIMA

Publication Date: April 2017

Smaller healthcare facilities typically lack the resources and expertise to address the constant flow of competing priorities, forcing leadership to wear many hats in a fragmented environment. Few have a designated privacy, security, or compliance officer, let alone the corporate support s....

Nothing Lasts Forever: How Physicians Can Prepare for the End of the One-Year Amnesty from Post Payment Reviews Due to Unspecified Codes

Author: Lee, Christine

Source: ICD-TEN Top Emerging News | AHIMA newsletter article

Publication Date: May 2016

Just as ocean tides shift with the earth's gravitational pull, physician practice administrators align staff and focus resources to address their organizations' most pressing concerns. This year, the tsunami grabbing administrators' attention is the conclusion of a one-year grace peri....

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